DEX Liquidity Mining

Creating a healthy token economy ecosystem requires adequate liquidity on exchanges to have supply and demand availability at all times. Therefore, we held a program to motivate Tadpole Finance supporters to maintain liquidity on the Uniswap Decentralized Exchange. By joining this staking program, supporters can help increase public trust in Tadpole Finance while receiving rewards in the form of TAD Tokens continuously.

How does it work?#

To participate in the DEX Liquidity Mining program, you need to store a number of TAD and ETH in Uniswap liquidity. LP Tokens generated from providing liquidity can be locked in the staking program at which will then continuously generate TAD rewards.

How long will this program last?#

This staking program runs from Nov 13th, 2020, until around Dec 1st, 2021 (ethereum block #13750000)

How to add Uniswap Liquidity?#

You need to have LP tokens in your wallet to join DEX Liquidity Mining program. LP token is a token that is generated from providing liquidity to the Uniswap exchange. Follow these steps to add TAD+ETH liquidity to receive some LP tokens.

  1. Open
  2. Click “+ Add Liquidity”

Add TAD+ETH liquidity

  1. Add the amount of liquidity you want to deposit into Uniswap and approve the transaction with Metamask
  2. After the transaction is successful, a number of LP tokens will be sent to your wallet. You can check your address at

How to stake LP tokens?#

You can earn TAD continuously by staking your LP tokens. Follow these steps to stake your LP tokens.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the number of LP tokens to be stacked and select the lock period you want. The longer the locked period, the greater the rewards you will get.

Stake LP tokens

  1. Click the “Stake” button and approve the transaction using Metamask.
  2. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed by the Ethereum Network. If the transaction is successful, your LP Token balance will be deducted.
  3. Check the staking page regularly to see the amount of TAD that can be claimed.

If you choose to lock your LP tokens, the tokens will be locked by the Ethereum smart contract. There will be no way to unlock the token except waiting for the locking period to end.

How much of TAD will I get from this reward program?#

TAD reward depends on the number of LP tokens you staked in the program. You can calculate Annual Percentage Yield (APY) using this formula:

APY formula